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Monday, September 20 2021
LWEB 803

LWEB-803 Visualization on Windows PC, free visualization on a PC together with L-INX Automation Server, L-ROC Room Controller, LGATE-95x Gateway, L-VIS Touch Panel, and L-IOB I/O Controller.

LWEB-803 Visualization (32-bit)
LWEB-803 Visualization (64-bit)

Download the latest version of the LWEB-802/803 User Manual.

Monday, September 20 2021
LWEB-802 is a web application which runs in a web browser. Therefore, LWEB-802 is platform independent and can also be executed on Android and iOS devices.
The LWEB-802 web application can be accessed using the following URL:
These web browsers are supported:
Google Chrome (recommended), Firefox, Edge, Android web browser, iOS web browser
Download the latest version of the LWEB-802/803 User Manual.
Wednesday, August 18 2021

lroc 150x105The new L-ROC Library is now available. The L-ROC LOYTEC Room Automation Library provides pre-built function modules for lighting, heating, cooling, ventilation, sunblinds and access control via finger scanners. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further instructions.

Here you can download L-ROC Libary and L-ROC User Manual for L-STUDIO 2.x.

Tuesday, August 17 2021


The new firmware for the LDALI-MS2/MS2-BT/MS4-BT Multi-sensors, LDALI-BM2 Pushbutton Coupler, LDALI-RM3 / LDALI-RM4 / LDALI-RM5 / LDALI-RM6 / LDALI-RM8 Relay Modules, LDALI-PD1 and LDALI-PWM4 is ready for download.